It is barely recognizable which steps are and how much time is involved in preparing and executing a wedding ceremony. You might also be wondering which services a wedding celebrant holds for your individual wedding ceremony.

The following overview is intended to provide you with a better and more transparent understanding of my services as your wedding celebrant for your wedding ceremony. And hopefully erases some of the question marks above your heads.

Services Wedding Celebrant
  • Non-binding „get to know each other“ meeting
  • Continuous communication from meeting each other first time until the wedding itself via diverse communication channels (email, phone, face to face…)
  • Wedding ceremony preparation meeting
  • Inclusion of maid of honor, best man, parents, siblings or further persons if desired
  • Support in choosing an interactive part for the wedding ceremony
  • Support in choosing songs for the wedding ceremony if desired
  • Support in creating the wedding vows if desired
  • Creation of the wedding ceremony structure together with the bridal couple
  • Creation of the wedding ceremony speech in German or English
  • Creation of the final wedding ceremony structure and its communication to all stakeholders
  • Arrival at the day of the wedding including enough buffer time
  • Taking care of final details and final arrangements on the day of the free wedding on site
  • Execution of the wedding ceremony in German or English
  • Public Address System (optional)

Do you have the impression that I am the wedding speaker on your big day!?
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